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Drain Maintenance & Hydrojetting Service

Sometimes, clogs are too stubborn for basic clog removal approaches. Hydrojetting service and regular drain maintenance from O & J PLUMBING of San Diego, California, can help remove those stubborn clogs and keep your drain lines clear. Our Jetter sprays more than 3,000 pounds of pressure, removing even the most stubborn clogs in city drains, quickly and effectively clearing clogs from any other pipe in the house.

Unclogged Water Pipes

Solutions That Work

The process can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type and size of the clog. Our hydrojetting service includes a video inspection, so we can tell you what you should expect since we can see the problem. Commercial and residential clients alike count on us for the effective solutions they need for clear drains, and we've worked on all kinds of pipes, with more than 15 years of jetting experience.

Avoiding Clogs

Drain maintenance and other solutions can help stop clogs from happening. You can put a strainer in your drains to collect hair and solids that can build up over time. Our maintenance program can also help you prevent clogs and remove debris before the drain is topped. Our solutions help keep homes safe and businesses running.