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Fast Leak Detection & Repair

If you're noticing cracks in your slab, wet spots, or higher-than-usual water bills, you could have an unseen leak. O & J PLUMBING SERVICES offers fast leak detection and leak repair solutions in San Diego, California, designed to minimize damage and protect your building.

Effective Leak Solutions

If you have a slab leak or other leak problem, we offer a couple of options. You can choose to have the leak rerouted to bypass the damaged portion altogether, or you can have us repair the area. Some ways you may notice a leak include noticing hot spots in the concrete and unusually high water bills. Potential problems include flooding, damage to secondary water lines, and corrosion of foundation soil, which can lead to much larger problems throughout the home or building.

To find the leak, we trace out the water line and concentrate on where the water is coming out. Our ultrasonic device allows us to pinpoint the leak and offer an accurate estimate for rerouting the pipe or repairing the leak. We'll inform you of the full cost of both options so you can choose the one that works best for you.